Success Stories

We have trained thousands of companies worldwide, creating a growing network of organizations that rely on the Pragmatic Marketing Framework and philosophy to bring their products and company to the next level. Our clients’ success is the single greatest testament to the power of our training. But don’t just take our word for it. See for yourself what they have to say about the impact our training has on their companies and careers.

Blackboard takes pragmatic approach to managing objectives and processes

Robert Morton, Vice President of Marketing and Karen Gage, Vice President of Product Strategy at Blackboard discuss how they used Pragmatic Marketing’s assessment, training and services to help organize and manage their department’s objectives and processes. Watch video.

CCC Information Services: customer focus puts product managers in the driver's seat

If your car has ever been damaged in an accident, you understand that streamlining the insurance claim and collision repair process is of paramount concern. For more than two decades, CCC Information Services has been doing just that. CCC supplies estimating software and communications systems that help put drivers back into their cars faster after an accident. As an innovator of automated tools, CCC has grown into a $200 million company and now boasts the largest network of repair facilities and insurance companies in the industry. To remain a leader, CCC recognizes it must keep a finger on the pulse of that network. Read more.

Datatel (now part of Ellucian) leverages market-driven methodology to build solutions that customers really want

For more than two decades, Datatel has focused exclusively on higher education--delivering integrated information management solutions that help colleges and universities streamline their administrative processes and improve service to their constituents. These innovative technology solutions make the learning environment smarter and save clients time and money. In recent years, with an increasingly competitive landscape, the company realized it had to make its own marketing organization smarter as well. Read more.

F5 Networks takes market insights to new heights

"We have dramatically improved our process for collecting customer requirements and our knowledge of what's going on in the market, with customers and prospects alike, even companies that evaluated our gear and chose not to purchase it." F5 Networks is the industry leader in Application Traffic Management, sending Internet traffic into and out of the best place at the best time. With the advent of Web services, the explosion of mobile computing, and increasingly unpredictable network environments, that job has never been more critical. Read more.

How Ariba Went from Tribal to World Class

The product management at Ariba, an SAP company, has come a long way. In 2008, it was what Joe Fox, now vice president of marketing and strategy at Ariba, called a "tribal organization." The differing methodologies and approaches of the product managers meant the company struggled with silos.Fox brought in Pragmatic Marketing to teach his company to become more market focused. Within a short time, the team's focus went from what it got to build or what its architecture was to "trying to win in the market." Listen to podcast.

How Veda Became Market Driven

When John Wilson became executive general manager of market and product development at Veda in 2010, he was concerned about the Australia-based data intelligence company's inconsistent approach to product management. As a Pragmatic Marketing alumnus, he also knew the company should spend more time in the market-rather than waiting for customers to come forward with ideas and needs. He brought Pragmatic Marketing in to help Veda become more consistent across departments and more market-driven. As Pragmatic Marketing instructor John Milburn explains: "Veda decided to internalize and apply the Pragmatic Marketing approach. They began with the training, then analyzed their roles and gaps and built measurable action plans at all levels of the organization." Listen to podcast.

Infusionsoft: supporting small business growth

Roles and responsibilities were unclear for Infusionsoft’s product management team, and there was confusion around product marketing: Where did it sit? What did it do? There were no tools and metrics in place to effectively support that team. In addition, Infusionsoft’s customer base was expanding. The original customers—savvy information marketers who were well-versed in advanced marketing techniques—were joined by smaller, more practical business owners who were experts in their trade, but not necessarily in marketing. And while the software’s complexity didn’t pose an obstacle for its original users, the learning curve was more challenging for these newer, less technical users. Read more.

Kinderstreet learns to listen, listens to learn

Take a look behind the scenes at any after-school program or childcare center and you'll discover a lot more than crayons and storybooks. You'll find reams of paperwork and administrators who spend countless hours communicating with parents and generating reports for regulators. Kinderstreet Corporation is changing all that. Launched in 2000 by six founders who are passionate about making a positive impact on young lives, Kinderstreet is ensuring that childcare providers and parents can focus on education and child development--not on processing paperwork. Read more.

Kronos: market-driven focus a driving force

Today, after decades of ongoing innovation, Kronos has become a $397 million workforce management company, with a suite of human resources, payroll, scheduling, and time and labor solutions that improve the performance of people and business. Kronos' customer roster includes many of the world's most recognized organizations. Every day, 20 million people use a Kronos solution. Equally impressive, Kronos boasts almost a quarter-century of consistent revenue growth and nearly 70 consecutive quarters of profitability. This sustained record of success, through good economies and bad, speaks volumes--both about corporate leadership and the company's unrelenting ability to stay ahead of market demands. Read more.

MathWorks: Accelerating the Pace of Engineering and Science

While new product marketing employees had a strong engineering background and deep knowledge of the MathWorks products, the levels of formal marketing education and training varied greatly. As MathWorks continued to grow and expand into new applications and industries, establishing a more systematic approach to marketing was crucial. They wanted to ensure everyone on the product marketing team had a consistent and effective process to implement strategic, collaborative and repetitive go-to-market strategies.Read more.

Metavante Corporation (now part of FIS): capitalizing on the power of positive change

Today's banks are being held accountable by regulators like never before. To keep pace, the financial services industry has been spending its IT dollars in new and different ways. Rather than "nice-to-have" software, such as market analysis or sales tools, a significant portion of the IT budget is now going to products that help banks prevent fraud and comply with new legal and regulatory mandates. And that means that technology companies providing software solutions to the financial industry must keep a finger on the pulse of shifting market demands. That’s where Metavante Corporation and its product management team come in. Metavante delivers electronic banking and payment technologies to financial services firms and businesses worldwide. Read more.

Micro Focus unlocks the value of marketing

Micro Focus, Inc. is a company that understands how to unlock the value of legacy assets. Its software enables organizations to reuse and extend the life of legacy applications written in the COBOL source language. For Micro Focus' customers, making the most of their existing enterprise systems results in reduced costs, increased agility, and minimal risk. The same can now be said for Micro Focus' global marketing organization, thanks to an aggressive plan to reinvent its processes and galvanize the worldwide team.Read more.

Nielsen Media: tuned in to customer needs

"Who is watching TV?" and "What are they watching?" These age-old questions are answered by the NielsenTV ratings, which provide an audience estimate for just about every program seen on television. Nielsen Media Research is the company behind the ratings, measuring homes, TVs, programs, commercials, and people. Today, Nielsen boasts nearly 200 diverse product offerings, both data and software. For the national and local product management teams, that can add up to a monumental challenge. Read more.

ProQuest efficiently integrates acquisitions without business operation disruptions

One component of ProQuest's growth is acquisitions. ProQuest has acquired multiple companies and brands since 2001. In the process, the company has become the global leader in information research and library management solutions. The combined product portfolio gives ProQuest the ability to support the diverse needs of modern libraries, librarians and their patrons. For many companies, the challenge of being a rapid acquirer of many content and technology firms would have a negative effect on the company's ability to manage an evolving product portfolio; except the management team has mastered the art of company integration. Read more.

Quest Software (now part of Dell Software) brings individual products together for a complete solution with consistent results

Quest Software a NASDAQ-traded company with annual revenues of $735 million, is a leading enterprise IT management software and solutions provider. More than 100,000 customers worldwide have selected Quest Software because of its innovative database, virtualization and identity management solutions. A new director of product marketing joined Quest Software’s identity management business unit in 2007 and found that the product management activities and practices were different from team to team. Read more.

Sabre Airline Solutions: speaking the same language

How we were producing solution strategies and business cases was not comprehensive or consistent. And where we spent our investment dollars was based on historical trends versus long-term strategies. If you think about a product manager running his own business, long-term views of the market problems, the competitive landscape, investment and ROI, and target customers are a few key components to consider. Pragmatic Marketing gave us tools to put portfolio management disciplines in place and make optimized decisions based on clear strategies and business cases. Read more.

TCI Solutions: best practices help grow a grocery store automation business

The TCI Solutions story is short and sweet: The company builds software that helps supermarket operators increase their top and bottom lines. Today, more than 400 chains count on TCI software to automate complex pricing strategies, streamline inventory management, and execute more consistently--from headquarters to store. The product management organization at TCI was formed more than three years ago to help codify and simplify product management processes to build software with market-driven functionality. Read more.