The Pragmatic Marketing Instructor Team

Our instructors all have real-world experience leading market-driven companies and implementing the Pragmatic Marketing Framework. They’ve held vice president level positions and above at some of today’s leading technology companies. They’ve been where you are, experienced the same pains and know what it takes to bring your company and product to the next level. Their experience is real and their enthusiasm for what they teach palpable. Download our instructor infographic.

Kirsten Butzow

Kirsten has 20 years of experience at leading technology companies, including Fujitsu, Pearson, Blackboard and most recently Parchment. She has held vice president roles for the past 10 years, allowing her to bring a strong executive perspective to her role as a Pragmatic Marketing instructor.

As a leader, she has directed product management portfolios, created business plans and strategic product roadmaps and implemented many aspects of the Pragmatic Marketing Framework. She brings this first-hand experience to every course she teaches.

Kirsten is known for her zeal for effective product management and marketing, as well as her lively presentation skills. She has led teams of as many as 100 people, speaks fluent German and “thrives in situations that require adaptability.”

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Cindy Cruzado

Cindy has more than 25 years’ go-to-market experience in the high tech software industry. She has worked with groundbreaking solutions in U.S. and international markets and across multiple industries, including higher education, meteorology, finance, CRM and marketing automation. As a result, Cindy brings deep and broad experience to her role as a Pragmatic Marketing instructor with a proven track record of strategic and operational leadership in startup and enterprise environments. Cindy specializes in helping teams identify and build market influence and delivering delightful customer experiences that drive brand preference.

Prior to joining Pragmatic Marketing, Cindy held a variety of executive roles, including vice president of product marketing at WeatherBug and Blackboard, and most recently as chief product officer at a stealth-stage startup.

Insider Tip: Ask Cindy how to get a 25th hour in a day.

David Daniels

David has more than 25 years of experience working in technology companies. He specializes in product marketing and product launch, with an emphasis on effective go-to-market strategies and execution. His extensive background includes development, sales, product management, product marketing, and executive positions—with a global perspective of the entire product launch process

Prior to joining Pragmatic Marketing, David founded Launch Clinic, a consulting company focused on helping organizations implement best-practice launch strategies. Before Launch Clinic, David held executive positions in technology companies, driving successful product introductions.

“Very personable and funny,” “well-versed and knowledgeable” and “good energy” are some of the comments from seminar attendees about Dave, who believes the best product in the market is the one selling the most.

Insider Tip: Ask Dave about “double trouble.”

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Jon Gatrell

Jon Gatrell brings more than a decade of experience in product management, marketing, sales, and corporate development to Pragmatic Marketing. He specializes in product packaging and positioning of products for global markets.

Prior to Pragmatic Marketing, Jon served in senior product management and marketing positions at a number of companies, most recently at Stonebranch and Inovis. He has successfully implemented the Pragmatic Marketing Framework at multiple companies, and integrated it into several acquisition plans. He has held leadership positions in numerous industry organizations.

"Everything he says is dead on," "has a great level of experience" and "offers practical advice and great ideas" are some of the comments from seminar attendees about Jon, who has a focus on social media’s impact on today’s go-to-market programs that is not available in traditional market engagement methods.

In addition to his role at Pragmatic Marketing, Jon writes the Spatially Relevant blog on product management and marketing best practices.

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Connect with Jon: @spatially

Steve Gaylor

Steve Gaylor has been developing product management and marketing teams and growing organizations for more than 25 years. He has demonstrated success in both strategic-leadership and tactical-execution roles, while providing solutions to a broad variety of industries.

Prior to joining Pragmatic Marketing, Steve’s career included positions with Texas Instruments, Harbinger, Peregrine Systems and Inovis—with his most recent role being as vice president of program deployment for PrimeRevenue.

Steve also served as a delegate to the United Nations Working Party for International Trade Facilitation, and participated in the development of the UN/EDIFACT trade data standard.  He is a frequently requested speaker, and has spoken on e-commerce topics at numerous user, analyst and industry conferences.

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Amy Graham

Amy Graham has more than a decade of experience in product management, development and operations. She is known for her ability to bridge the gap between IT solutions and the business. During her career, Amy has launched and managed a variety of products including multi-million dollar software projects and mobile apps.

She also has experience creating the product management function from the ground up, leading a team responsible for multiple product lines and expanding it into a global product management function.

Prior to joining Pragmatic Marketing, Amy was vice president, client services and product development at TalenTrust. She previously served as director of technology solutions at Bright Horizons Family Solutions. In addition, she served on the leadership team at Work Options Group.

Insider Tip: Ask Amy about saying "yes" to everything.

Todd Middlebrook

Todd has a wide breadth of knowledge and experience in both product management and marketing, having spent more than 15 years as a leader at some of today’s biggest technology companies.

Prior to Pragmatic Marketing, Todd has worked in companies ranging from startups to large corporations. As director of worldwide enterprise competitive sales for desktop and devices at Microsoft, he led and supported one of Microsoft’s most effective sales forces. He has also served as vice president of product management at Virtual Bridges, product line manager at Torchquest Inc. (formerly 2ndWave Inc.) and as product manager at IBM Tivoli Software. He is known for providing executive leadership with strategic recommendations gained from competitive engagements and market understanding.

Insider Tip: Ask Todd about the importance of blinking.

Rich Nutinsky

Rich Nutinsky has more than 20 years of experience in the software industry, with 15 years in product management. He has launched several successful software products using the Pragmatic Marketing Framework.

Prior to joining Pragmatic Marketing, Rich served in various product management positions for companies including Arasys Technologies, where he was vice president of product management and development. He has provided consulting services to market leaders such as Microsoft, AT&T, DuPont, NEC, GE and Siemens, working with senior-level executives to improve their product strategy, product management, and marketing processes.

“Engaged with us,” “solid presenter,” and “knew how to relate to the real world” are just some of the words seminar attendees use to describe Rich, who brings a wealth of start-up, mid-sized, and large company perspectives to his teaching.

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Diane Pierson

Diane Pierson has more than 20 years of experience in product management and marketing. In addition to holding multiple vice president and general management roles, she started her own company. As a result, Diane brings a comprehensive business understanding and executive mindset to her role as a Pragmatic Marketing instructor. Diane has applied the Pragmatic Marketing principles to clarify roles and organize teams, prioritize product development based on market need, and to create integrated brand marketing and lead-generation programs.

Prior to joining Pragmatic Marketing, Diane delivered more than $100 million in revenue to SaaS, publishing and big data companies including Dun & Bradstreet, LexisNexis, InfoGroup and Copyright Clearance Center. She is the founder of Shelftacular! Wire Shelf Covers.

Insider tip: Ask Diane why she doesn’t pump her own gas.

Mark Stiving

Mark Stiving has more than 20 years of experience in business startup, development, management, turnaround and sales/design engineering. He has helped companies create and implement new pricing strategies to capture more from the value they create, and has consulted with Cisco, Procter & Gamble, Grimes Aerospace, Rogers Corporation and many small businesses and entrepreneurial ventures.

Prior to Pragmatic Marketing, he led pricing initiatives as director of pricing at Maxim Integrated and as a member of technical staff at National Semiconductor. Mark also has served as president of both Home Director Inc. and Destiny Networks Inc. and as an assistant professor of marketing at The Ohio State University.

Mark also is the author of "Impact Pricing: Your Blueprint to Driving Profits" (Entrepreneur Press, 2011).

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Stacey Weber

During Stacey Weber’s 10 years in the technology industry, she has used the Pragmatic Marketing Framework to manage the full product lifecycle, from launch to managing in mid-life maintenance to retiring at obsolescence. In addition, she has extensive experience leading cross-functional product teams, strategy teams, and multiple product management groups.

Stacey began her career as a software tester and soon learned her passion was for product management. She became a product specialist, and then moved through product manager, product line manager, department manager, and finally director of product management. Her experience was further broadened through a company acquisition.

“Dynamic and passionate,” “awesome” and “had a great connection with the audience” are some of the words attendees use to describe Stacey, who is particularly interested in the dynamics of market-led organizations, and the interactions between product management and development.

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Paul Young

Paul Young has more than a decade of experience in hardware, software, and services product management and marketing. During his career, Paul has launched and managed dozens of products, started his own business, and successfully implemented the Pragmatic Marketing Framework at several companies.

His experiences range from large companies to startups, and across a wide range of technologies and business models. His focus on building market-driven teams gives him a unique ability to relate to product management teams and executives that are transforming their business. As one attendee put it, "Paul Young is the essence of pragmatic! Great depth, conversation, and practical reinforcement - excellent!"

Prior to Pragmatic Marketing, Paul served in senior product management and marketing positions at a number of companies, most recently leading product management and business development for SaaS products at Dell. Paul is the founder of ProductCamp Austin.

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All Pragmatic Marketing instructors are Certified Practitioners.