Pragmatic Marketing Surpasses 60,000 Seminar Attendees

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., April 23, 2009–Pragmatic Marketing reached a milestone this month when Karen Gifford, a Product Manager at Pearson became the 60,000th person to attend one of Pragmatic Marketing’s product management and marketing seminars.

At Pearson, the global leader in education and education technology, Karen is responsible for PreK-8 solutions that enable students to become more successful with reading math and science. Reached at her office in Chandler, AZ after attending a Practical Product Management seminar (now called Foundations and Focus) in San Diego, CA, Karen said, “This seminar validated our team's approach to product management at Pearson. In particular using user personas is extremely valuable when communicating plans to our developers."

Pragmatic Marketing training is recognized around the world as the standard for the technology industry. More than 4,500 organizations have been trained and often align their entire product management and marketing programs with the Pragmatic Marketing Framework, the technology industry's recognized standard for successful product management and marketing. As such, it is regularly seen as a requirement for hiring in product management and marketing positions at many of today's leading companies.

Craig Stull, Founder and CEO of Pragmatic Marketing said "Surpassing 60,000 attendees demonstrates that even in a downturn, many companies continue to see the value in training."

As the 60,000th attendee, Karen was presented with a portable GPS unit by the seminar instructor, Mike Smart.

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