Action Planning Workshop

Get a jump-start on being market-driven. With the Action Planning Workshop, one of our highly experienced instructors will come to your office and facilitate a working meeting with your team. We will help you identify how to implement the Pragmatic Marketing Framework for your specific company and personnel, in order to maximize the impact of your product teams.

Identify an Owner for Every Activity. While many of the activities in the Pragmatic Marketing Framework are group efforts, it is important that each one has a primary owner. Let us help navigate your team’s titles and skills to identify the appropriate owner. 

Establish a Baseline for the Company. Where are your product teams spending their time today? Where are your strengths and weaknesses? We’ll walk you through a gap analysis to establish a baseline on which you can measure improvement.

Prioritize Activities to Maximize Impact. Limited resources are a way of life in today’s technology companies, so it’s critical that you maximize the impact of your efforts. We’ll help you pinpoint the best areas of opportunity for your team–high priority tasks that might be poorly executed today.

The Action Planning Workshop is most effective when conducted immediately following our Foundations course.

Who is the workshop for? Senior managers or executives responsible for product teams.

What is the price? Action Planning Workshops are held onsite only. Contact our sales team for pricing and availability.

Additional Resources for Getting Started

Looking for other ways to jump start your implementation? Check out these resources below and be sure to join the Alumni Resource Center for access to all the tools and templates you need to get started.