Executive Briefing

Being market-driven isn’t just a product strategy; it is a corporate strategy. This interactive, half-day workshop provides executive teams with an understanding of what it means to be tuned in to the market and why companies that are tuned in are 30 percent more profitable.

Implement Real Change. We don’t just tell you that being market-focused is important. We provide a clear, proven blueprint to get there, the Pragmatic Marketing Framework, as well as real-world examples of how it has been implemented successfully.

Increase Your Impact in the Market. Companies are constantly balancing the need to improve today’s product offerings with the need to create the product of the future. Knowing how and where to focus resources for maximum return is critical.

Stop the Finger Pointing. Learn how to get the entire team on the same page, and clearly define roles and responsibilities to eliminate infighting and improve efficiencies.

Who is this workshop for? Executive and leadership teams.

What is the price? Executive Briefing is held onsite only. Contact our sales team for pricing and availability.

Secrets of Tuned In Leaders    

The Secrets of Tuned In Leaders
Why do some products and companies fail, where others succeed? There are seven consistent success factors related to company culture, management style, and product & marketing strategies that propel winners. And seven fatal flaws that derail market laggards.


Tuned In


Get Tuned In to your market
If you want to win in today’s dynamic marketplace, stop pushing products your buyers don’t want with expensive, meaningless advertising. Instead, discover how to connect to what people really want, and—most importantly—how you can become an organization they trust.