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A Practical Approach to Products

People aren’t buying your products. And no matter how much time, effort or money you invest in building and marketing those products, the reason is often the same: You’ve listened to the wrong people. It's time to implement a pragmatic, outside-in approach to building and marketing products that sell.


Pricing Is ...

Pricing is important to both your company and your customers, with high prices hindering demand and low prices leaving money on the table or making your product look cheap. There is clearly so much more to pricing than just a boring function that places a number on a product--so familiarize yourself with the nuances of exactly what pricing is.

Secrets of Tuned In Leaders

The Secrets of Tuned In Leaders
Based on surveys spanning 3,000 companies, 45,000 individuals and one-on-one interviews with 30 technology CEOs, there are seven consistent success factors related to company culture, management style, and product & marketing strategies that propelled the winners. And seven fatal flaws that derail market laggards.

Is Your Product Launch Doomed?
The process of introducing a product to market is a serious undertaking. Unfortunately for many companies it’s merely an afterthought; a set of deliverables created from a checklist at the end of product development. There are ten easily identifiable signs that can help forecast if a product launch may be in trouble. Signs you can address and fix before the launch becomes a disaster.

The Blueprint of Modern Product Launch Marketing
The backbone of successful product launch marketing is the ability to provide great content that frames the larger problem your buyers are trying to solve. Find out how to create winning product launch strategies in an increasingly content-dominated landscape, so you can facilitate each step of the journey with engaging, consistent content.

Effective Product Managers Know Their Market
There are two roles for product managers in technology companies: expert on the product or expert on the market. As experts on the product, they are often used for important demos, sales training, and managing the tactics of product delivery. But to serve in a strategic role, product managers must be experts on the market.

Uncovering Business Breakthroughs

Uncovering Business Breakthroughs
The most common mistake that causes products and services to fail is the logical (but incorrect) assumption that, because you’re an expert in a market or industry, you therefore know more than your buyers about how your product can solve their problems.

Strategic Role of Product Management

The Strategic Role of Product Management
Product management plays a strategic role in a technology company ensuring products are created not just because they can be, or because someone thinks it is a good idea but rather because someone in the company has listened to the market, identified an urgent and pervasive problem, and determined people are willing to pay to solve it.

Practical Rules for Product Management
The Pragmatic Marketing Framework catalogs the activities and artifacts required to create and deliver successful technology products. Those attending Pragmatic Marketing courses receive a laminated copy which includes our rules for product management success. Maureen Rogers applies her own interpretation and personal experiences to the rules.


Recommended Books

Tuned In

Tuned In: Uncover the Extraordinary Opportunities That Lead to Business Breakthroughs
by Craig Stull, Phil Myers and David Meerman Scott
Pragmatic Marketing has been teaching the principles of Tuned In for more than 15 years, with the Pragmatic Marketing Framework, helping companies find unresolved problems, create breakthrough experiences and launch market resonators. Tuned In is a simple, six step summary of these market-driven principles for discovering real and meaningful insight into any market. Read more...

Impact Pricing: Your Blueprint for Driving Profits
by Mark Stiving, Ph.D.
Price is the most powerful marketing tool you haveand it's the least understood. Zeroing in on the areas where your efforts will generate the greatest impact, Mark Stiving breaks down critical pricing concepts and provides the blueprint for integrating proven pricing strategies into your growth plans.  Be empowered to strengthen your pricing structure to withstand any conditions, dramatically elevating your company performance, position and profits for long-term success.

World Wide Rave

World Wide Rave
by David Meerman Scott
A World Wide Rave is when people around the world are talking about you, your company, and your products. It's when communities eagerly link to your stuff on the Web. It's when online buzz drives buyers to your virtual doorstep. It's when tons of fans visit your Web site and your blog because they genuinely want to be there. What happens when people can't stop talking online about you, your company, and your products? 

New Rules of Marketing

The New Rules of Marketing & PR
by David Meerman Scott
David Meerman Scott introduces the new world of product marketing using new tools to direct-cast to those who are most interested: our buyers. Nowadays anyone with a Mac and a mic can create a podcast; anyone with a video camera can post on YouTube. And sending a news release to Google is now much more important than sending a news release to a journalist. 

Art of Product Management

Art of Product Management
by Rich Mironov
The Art of Product Management takes us inside the head of a product management thought leader. With color and humor, Rich Mironov gives us a taste of Silicon Valley's tireless pursuit of great technology and its creation of new products. He provides strategic advice about start-ups and big organizations, how to think like a customer, and what things should cost - while reminding us to love our products and our teams. The Art of Product Management brings together the best insight from more than seven years of Product Bytes. 

Art of Product Management

Practical Lessons in Leadership
by Art Petty
Practical Lessons is geared for leaders at all stages of the leadership lifecycle (new, early career or experienced) struggling to cope with a hypercompetitive global environment and a rapidly changing, inexperienced and highly mobile workforce. These visible and predictable macro trends require that the need to identify and develop leadership talent is at the top of every organization's strategy plan. Tomorrow's knowledge worker will face pressure to lead teams, projects and companies, but will lack the experience and guidance for management that the boomers take with them into retirement.



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