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Win/Loss Analysis: Discover What Makes Your Customers Tick

November, 17 2016

What if a secret sauce for winning more business was available? Would you use it? It turns out there is one: win/loss analysis. Ellen Naylor, a pioneer in competitive intelligence and win/loss analysis, and the author of Win/Loss Analysis: How to Capture and Keep the Business You Want, shares her tips and tricks for increasing your company’s positive outcomes using win/loss success.

For more on win/loss analysis, be sure to read Competitive Intelligence Gathering Through Win/Loss and visit Ellen Naylor’s website. And check out when our courses will be in your area.

Webinar Follow-Up Questions: How Betas Give Your Product a Competitive Edge

November, 10 2016

We welcome back Emily Hossellman, director of marketing at Centercode, to answer questions posed by participants in September’s popular webinar How Beta Testing Can Give Your Product a Competitive Edge

If you’d like to learn how to dramatically increase participation in your company’s beta tests, read Emily’s eBook Reaching 90% Beta Test Participation. And be sure to check out when our courses are coming to your area.

Getting the Whole Company to Fall in Love with Your Personas

November, 03 2016
Personas are more than personality profiles filled with statistics and demographics. By capturing their problems, aspirations, goals and emotions, great market-driven personas tell an engaging story that rallies your business behind your product’s market. They help sales have the right conversations, encourage marketing to craft the best messaging, and product to have features that influence the buying decision. In this week’s podcast, taken from Johnathan Lucky’s webinar, we’re going to dig into how to build and implement personas within your organization.

Watch the webinar and/or get the slides here.

How Gender and Generations Impact Leadership

October, 27 2016

Today’s multi-generational workplace presents unique challenges for leaders, especially since work style and expectations often differ by gender and generation. In this week’s podcast, Tracey Wilen, Ph.D., discusses her research on how gender and generation factor into perspectives on work, leadership and the use of technology and how we can all work together to create productive and healthy work environments.


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A Holistic Look at Revenue Management

October, 20 2016

Think of all the things that impact your topline: pricing, discounts, incentives, etc. When was the last time you looked at these parts collectively to ensure you were optimizing overall revenue management? In this podcast, Chanan Greenberg, vice president and general manager at Model N, a Silicon Valley-based software company that delivers revenue management solutions for high-tech and life-science companies, shows you how to holistically examine the processes that impact revenue so that you don’t leave money on the table.