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A Holistic Look at Revenue Management

October, 20 2016

Think of all the things that impact your topline: pricing, discounts, incentives, etc. When was the last time you looked at these parts collectively to ensure you were optimizing overall revenue management? In this podcast, Chanan Greenberg, vice president and general manager at Model N, a Silicon Valley-based software company that delivers revenue management solutions for high-tech and life-science companies, shows you how to holistically examine the processes that impact revenue so that you don’t leave money on the table.

Product Management Lessons from Entrepreneurs

October, 13 2016
What can an entrepreneur teach product managers about pricing and selling their products? Turns out quite a bit. In this podcast, Pragmatic Marketing instructor Mark Stiving interviews Sean Murphy of SKMurphy, a consultancy that has worked with hundreds of technology startups in Silicon Valley on product planning and introduction. They discuss the art of pricing new products–how you move from beta to early adopter to sustainable pricing models–as well as how to get your salesforce onboard with selling your new products.
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Winning with the C-Suite: Lessons from the New England Patriots

October, 05 2016

In football, when a play is called, everyone immediately knows their role and how they contribute to the team’s success. Neil Baron, lifelong New England Patriots fan and founder of Baron Strategic Partners, discusses how you can pick and execute winning product plays so your product team will make an impact on senior- level customers. Neil explains how the concept of a play can also apply to selling business outcomes to the C-suite.

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How to Earn a Raise: Lessons from Pricing

September, 29 2016
In this week’s podcast, Mark Stiving, Pragmatic Marketing instructor extraordinaire and world-renowned pricing expert, tells us how we can effectively price ourselves using the same techniques and tools we use to price our products. That’s right, you can take the concepts such as, “will I” or “which one,” “value-based pricing” and “willingness to pay” to maximize how much you earn in your career. Listen now.
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In Search of Talent: The Girl in Procurement

September, 22 2016
Organizations are only as good as the talent they employ, yet finding that talent can be a massive challenge. And although there may be plenty of qualified candidates, what if they don’t have that indescribable quality you’re looking for? What if instead you find it somewhere unexpected?

Greg Adams-Woodford and Kaili Barone have worked together at two companies over a span of eight years, first at Pearson, and more recently at the New York Stock Exchange. Greg and Kaili discuss how they met, and the challenges they faced once Greg identified Kaili—the girl in procurement who had no product management experience—as someone he wanted to add to his product team.

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