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How Businesses Today Kill Innovation

September, 15 2016

Join Pragmatic Marketing instructor Kirsten Butzow as she explores the three main traps that keep companies from delivering truly innovative products: culture, focus and discipline. Find out what many of today’s companies are doing wrong, and what you can do to enable innovation within your organization.


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Why Pricing Shouldn’t Be an Afterthought

September, 08 2016
Pricing conversations often occur far too late in the product development process. But if you want to create more profitable products and product portfolios, it’s important to incorporate pricing concepts from the outset. Pragmatic Marketing instructor Mark Stiving discusses why pricing conversations should be more than an afterthought when you launch a new product. He also discusses the role pricing plays when customers decide between your product and a competitor’s and why the question “is it worth it” is all about product differentiation.

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How To Reinforce your Company’s Value With Content Marketing

September, 06 2016

A good content marketing strategy should reinforce what your company does. And when your company sells its thoughts and expertise, content marketing becomes even more critical. Join Rebecca Kalogeris, vice president of marketing at Pragmatic Marketing, as she discusses how to get the most out of each piece of content, reach the largest audience and why the best content marketing is often the least obvious.

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Should You Price to Compete or Differentiate?

August, 18 2016
There are no easy answers about where you should set your pricing in relation to your competitors. But the answer could be found in how fast your market is growing, according to Pragmatic Marketing Instructor Mark Stiving. Find out more in this week’s Pragmatic Live podcast.

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Customer Advisory Boards: Top 10 Questions

August, 11 2016

We welcome Gavin Nathan, senior consultant and partner of Ignite Advisory Group, to answer the top 10 follow-up questions posed by listeners of our recent webinar, Creating and Managing a Successful Customer Advisory Board Program.

If you would like to learn more about customer advisory boards, read the article by Gavin’s colleague, Rob Jensen: Why Advisory Boards Matter, featured in Pragmatic Marketer. And for more information on CABs, email Ignite at

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