Prioritizing Your Backlog for Profit - Webinar

By Luke Hohmann
July 14, 2009

Webinar with Luke Hohmann, CEO of Enthiosys, on backlog prioritization.


Agile product managers (and their Agile development teams) are told to prioritize backlogs based on ROI. In practice, this isn't possible. Prioritizing for Profit is a better approach. By defining a core set of attributes that include stakeholder preferences, corporate strategy, and specific ways to increase profitability, product managers can create backlogs that support the company's longer-term goals as well as short-term development needs.

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About the Presenters

  • Luke Hohmann is the Founder & CEO of Enthiosys, a recognized expert on agile product management of software products and a former senior software product manager at four companies. He is the author of three books and numerous articles on software product management, and a frequent speaker at software and other industry events. He is currently a member of the Agile Alliance. Contact Luke at

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