Product Companies Need Product Managers, Not Product Owners - Webinar

By Rich Mironov
July 14, 2009

with Rich Mironov, Chief Marketing Officer at Enthiosys


Product Managers are responsible for the overall market success of their products, not just delivery of software. In the Agile world, a new title is emerging -- the Product Owner -- which covers just a small subset of the Product Management role.

While this makes sense for internal IT groups that have traditionally gone without Product Management, Agile product companies (that need to deliver customer revenue with their offerings) need full-fledged Product Managers to drive strategic activities and manage organizational/external participation.

What kinds of market failures can we expect when there's (only) a Product Owner assigned to revenue-producing projects?

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About the Presenters

  • Rich Mironov

    Rich Mironov is a seasoned software executive and serial entrepreneur. He has been the "product guy" at six tech startups including as CEO and vice president of marketing/products. He has also consulted to dozens of technology companies.

    Rich founded the first ProductCamp and chaired the first product manager/product owner tracks at the Agile Alliance’s annual conference. He is the author of "The Art of Product Management" (BookSurge Publishing, 2008), which collects the best of his long-running Product Bytes blog about software, start-ups, product strategies and Silicon Valley product management.  Rich has a bachelor’s degree in physics from Yale (with a thesis on dinosaur extinction theories), an MBA from Stanford, and provides guest lectures at various business schools about the business of software. He can be reached at

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