The Eight Rules of Successful Win/Loss Analysis

By Roger W. Allison
September 09, 2008

Extracted from “The Reality of Perception: Aligning Your Buyer and Seller Process”



In summary, most organizations are equipped to conduct unbiased post-decision interviews. However, if your firm has the discipline, regularity, and resources to instill an iterative and continual process of verifying market perception, you must adopt the following eight rules of successful win/loss analysis (PDI):

  1. Conduct equal interviews between all client and non-client competitions;

  2. Conduct the interview immediately or no later than 3 months from decision;

  3. Ensure a non-sales environment;

  4. Outsource interviews to unbiased outside parties;

  5. Compile and present quarterly findings;

  6. Use a metric-based and structured template;

  7. Make the PDI non-discretionary;

  8. Understand that perception is reality.

By making post-decision interviews non-discretionary and by internally adopting or outsourcing a diagnostic back-end to your sales cycle process, your firm can “tune in” to market perception. Armed with reality, you will gain competitive advantage by diagnosing your sales performance, verifying your differentiation, and aligning your selling process with your buyer’s process.

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