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The Transformational Power of the Market

How to conquer the status quo,
become the voice of your market,
and transform your company,
your career and yourself.
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The Practical Side of
Portfolio Management

Learn techniques for successful
product portfolio management,
including metrics to gauge the
health of your portfolio.
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Capture Innovation
from Existing Intelligence

Find an idea that's worked
for someone else—and then
do something to that idea
to make it your own.
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Mapping the Sales Trail

Are your best prospects wandering
away or taking too long to say
yes? Ending up in a dead-end trail
with the wrong customers?
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Increase the ROI

Learn best practices for this
underused stage of
product development.
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Getting Beyond the
Tribal Approach

Podcast: How Ariba went
from tribal to world class.
With John Milburn of
Pragmatic Marketing.
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Modern Competitive Intelligence

Modern CI strategies, tactics
and job descriptions need to
evolve toward buyer and
customer needs, desires and
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How Veda Became
Market Driven

Podcast: A look at how one
company implemented the
Pragmatic Marketing
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A Pragmatic Approach to Pricing

Learn best practices for the
most powerful and often
least understood marketing
lever you have.
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