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Cage Fight: Product Owner
vs. Product Manager

Discover how to unify the objectives
of both product owner and manager
to focus on ownership, value and
business success.
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Managing a Successful Customer
Advisory Board Program

Learn the essential elements
of creating and managing a
world class Customer Advisory
Board Program..
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Is That New Market Segment
Right for You?

Learn how to use data to
realistically size various
markets and measure the
risk vs. reward.
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Getting the Whole Company to
Fall in Love with Your Personas

Create empathetic, narrative-driven
buyer personas that help sales drive
the right conversations for
influencing the buying decision. 
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Aligning Your Product and
Sales Teams for Success

How well do you know your
sales team and what they
need to actually sell
your products successfully? 
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Rise Above the Competition
Using Peer Reviews

How B2B marketers are using
reviews to meet their
buyers where they are
and accelerate sales.
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How To Rapidly Reduce Your
Risk of Product Failure

If you’re not conducting
usability testing then
you’re probably leaving
money on the table.
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How to Give Demos That
Win New Business

Discover tools and techniques
to transform your product demos
into the revenue-generating gems
that you know they can be.
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Delight Your Customers While You Turn a Profit

Learn how to price SaaS
products based on customer
value and how to delight
your customers.
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