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A Proven Strategy for Managing Your Product Portfolio

How do you balance the need to keep your current products competitive while also investing in your company’s future?
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5 Ways to Nail Your Strategic
Product Roadmap

If your 2017 roadmap is just a list of features that has left you too focused on details at the expense of strategy, it’s time to change your focus.
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Is Your Growth Plan
Dead On Arrival

You put a lot of energy in creating a go-to-market plan to produce growth, to know if it will work, the answer
requires math.
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Why Your Business Plan
Is A Waste of Time

Discover how ditching your business plan can actually increase interest in your business.
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How Betas Give Your Product
a Competitive Edge

Explore how soliciting customer
feedback during your product’s
beta phase can mean the difference
between a stellar launch and a flop.
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Get the Most Out of Events
as a Product Person

As a product person, you have no
shortage of events to attend. Learn
how you can get the most out of
your next event.
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Thought Leadership: Elevating
Your Products and Career

Explore how product managers
can become internal product
advocates and external thought
leaders in the market.
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Cage Fight: Product Owner
vs. Product Manager

Discover how to unify the objectives
of both product owner and manager
to focus on ownership, value and
business success.
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Managing a Successful Customer
Advisory Board Program

Learn the essential elements
of creating and managing a
world class Customer Advisory
Board Program..
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