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Find unresolved problems, create breakthrough experiences and launch market resonators.

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Are you guessing what your customers need, wasting time and money building, marketing and selling solutions your market doesn't value?

Stop pushing products your buyers don’t want with expensive, meaningless advertising.

Instead, discover how to connect to what people really need, and—most importantly—how you can become an organization they trust.

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What people are saying...

"...for anyone who wants to shake the sleep out of an organization and renew a focus on creating the kind of value that customers are willing to pay for."
Publishers Weekly

"If you read nothing else: Chapter Eight, "Articulate Powerful Ideas," is a mini marketing seminar on how best to talk about your business and how to talk about it differently to different groups."
Leigh Buchanan, Inc. Magazine

"...making the book come alive in a way that promises to, yes, resonate with entrepreneurs in search of hot new products for their own businesses."
Mark Henricks, Entrepreneur Magazine

" treatment from three marketing gurus with a guide to creating products that meet needs so obvious that they almost sell themselves."
Kirk Shinkle, US News & World Report

"You’ll know your “tuned-in” thinking is working when the product or service you come up with “resonates” – when you don’t have to educate or persuade customers to buy it, because it simply sells itself. This approach is the linchpin of the book."
Alan Mitchell, Financial Times


Tuned In to Win In A Down Economy
Phil Myers

The rapid changes that thrust Wall Street into a tailspin have created a business environment far different from anything in the past. From the investment community to executive suites to the cubicle, everyone is talking about how to react. What are the implications to your business and how can you succeed in this new economic reality?


Tuned In Buyer Experiences
Kristin ZhivagoAs a buyer, you know it the minute you walk in the door or visit a website. You know if you are going to easily find what you want, or if it is going to be a difficult search with little chance of success. You either "see yourself" immediately, and feel right at home, or you have a sense of alienation and foreboding.


Tuned In Cultures
Organizations don’t change unless people do. It may sound simplistic, but changing a corporate culture requires an “ah ha” moment. The same, compelling, memorable realization that causes us to finally keep that New Year resolution.


Tuned In Leadership
Art PettyLeading is all about communication, but Tuned In leaders focus on getting the formula right. They listen more than talk, and they seek an edge by working hard to create opportunities to listen.


Tuned In Product Teams
Steve Johnson and Michael Ray HopkinCreating great products is not factory work. It’s not a question of putting tab A into slot B or displaying this button on that dialog. Building a great product is more like working with a sports team. The good coach knows his team's strengths and weaknesses.


Tuned In Social Media
David Meerman ScottTuned In organizations that participate in social media become part of a vibrant online community and show the market they are worthy of their business. Participating in social media is more like the way business was done 100 years ago: one person having a conversation with another person.


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