How the Elephant and 6 Blind People Can Help Articulate Your Product's Vision

April 26, 2017

  • How do you get six blind people to understand what an elephant looks like? It’s not unlike trying to define a product that it actually makes sense to build. Product teams often suffer from vague requirements that leave the design and development teams without direction. Or requirements may be so detailed that they discourage thinking of creative ways to solve user problems.

    You’ll learn how to develop data-driven requirements that articulate your product’s vision, are actionable for your design and development teams, and can be communicated in your strategic roadmap and product backlog. You’ll also discover how to apply this information to agile teams.

    Johnathan Lucky, scrum master at Perform Group, discusses how to:

    • Gather requirements and define market problems
    • Translate the needs of the market into actionable requirements for agile teams
    • Apply data-driven decision-making to products and avoid inside-out thinking
    • Create a feedback loop of inception, iteration and plan

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