True North: Managing Long-Term Roadmap Needs with Agility

November 08, 2016

Everyone wants to see the product roadmap. Sales wants to use it to drive bigger deals, engineering wants to know what is coming next to make technology decisions, and other teams want to feel like they are part of a long-term strategy that will take the organization to the next level. But the market is fickle, with an ever-changing set of priorities and needs. So how do you reconcile the need for a long-term product plan with the reality of a constantly changing market, especially when you use an agile approach like scrum?


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Communicate, Communicate and Communicate Some More

Ultimately, the product roadmap is a tool for communicating direction and providing a broad vision for timelines. It should be used to measure outcome success, communicating future intent and previous learnings. A short, business-focused, customer-oriented and measurable roadmap allows your organization not only to build the right product, but to motivate the entire organization. A successful product roadmap will become the narrative for your entire organization.

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