Soft Skills Issue

It pays to be soft. Product professionals who excel are the ones who have mastered soft skills—like empathy, listening and delivering truth—in addition to the requisite hard skills. These skills enable you to exert influence greater than your title and authority alone might provide, and help maximize your product and career success. Learn more about these soft skills in this issue of Pragmatic Marketer.


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Volume 5 Issue 3

The ROI of Being Market-Driven, Five Slides of Segmentation, Easy to Use for Whom: Defining the Customer and User Experience for Enterprise Software, Product Management Axioms, Navigating Uncharted Territory: How We Developed a Strategic Product Marketing Role (Part 2).

Volume 5 Issue 2

Software Development's Evolution Toward Product Design, The Art of Panels, Online Thought-Leadership: Transform Your Company into a Trusted Resource for Your Buyers, Are You Decent? The Naked Truth About Product Management Performance.

Volume 5 Issue 1

Pragmatic Marketing's 2006 Annual Product Management and Marketing Survey, Technology Assessment for a Better Strategy, Product Managers are Really Super Heroes in Disguise, Navigating Uncharted Territory: How We Developed a Strategic Product Marketing Role, Product Design: Bridging the Gap Between Product Management and Development.

Volume 4 Issue 5

What's the Difference Between Product Management and Product Marketing?, How to Fit Your Product Strategy to Small & Medium-Sized Businesses, Top Ten Tips for Briefing Industry Analysts, Usability - the Key to a Product's Success, How to Use Timeboxes for Scheduling Software Delivery, Case Studies: Top Eight Ways to Get them Done.

Volume 4 Issue 4

Extreme Product Management: Deliver Products People Want to Buy in an Agile Environment, Fresh Or From The Can? Why the Better Product Still Struggles in the Marketplace, A Framework for Creating Effective Product Presentations, Investment in Customer Advisory Programs Helps Build Business.

Volume 4 Issue 3

The New Rules of PR for Technology & Software Businesses, Building a Better Beta, Prioritizing Software Requirements with Kano Analysis.

Volume 4 Issue 2

A Fact-Based Approach to Outsourcing for Product Managers, Surviving Product Management, The Content-Free Buzzword-Compliant Vocabulary List, Book Review: Cashing In with Content, Degrees of Ability: Hiring Into Product Management.

Volume 4 Issue 1

Annual Product Management Salary Survey 2005, Corporate Blogs for Technology Businesses: Authentic, Marketing at Work Managing Product Requirements: Where Did All My Customer Insights Go?, On Demand Enterprise Software Demos.

Volume 3 Issue 5

Where Does Product Management Belong in the Organization?, A Better Reference Process Means Better Launches, Effective Sales Presentations: Advancing the Sales Cycle, Pricing for Software Product Managers.

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