An Agile Approach to Competitive Intelligence

By Alan Armstrong September 27, 2017

The product team is often responsible for a company’s competitive intelligence efforts. But because it is only one of that team’s roles—and one that isn’t always fully funded—it can feel like a reactive rather than strategic exercise. 

You will learn how to transform your competitive intelligence efforts from stagnant to outstanding. 

Alan Armstrong, founder and CEO of Eigenworks:
• Discuss how he and his team have translated agile techniques for use in the competitive-intelligence area
• Share a simple format to help prioritize competitive intelligence efforts that will deliver quick, continuous and effective insights


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Alan Armstrong

About the Presenters

Alan Armstrong is founder and managing director of Eigenworks, and specializes in win/loss analysis for enterprise B2B companies. He is a seasoned B2B product management and sales executive with three successful tech exits: Sitraka ($60M to Quest Software in 2002), Wily Technology ($375M to CA in 2006) and Fortiva (to Proofpoint in 2008). Alan has held director and VP roles in product management, marketing, sales and business development. In 2001, Alan co-founded the Toronto Product Management Association (, which is still thriving with more than 200 members. Alan is co-founder and key contributor to the blog, OnProductManagement. He can be reached at or

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