Guiding Your Product Launch with Buyer Personas - Webinar

By Adele Revella July 14, 2009

Are your launch plans focused on a product? Attend this session to see why companies use buyer personas to guide their launch team’s strategic and tactical efforts. This webinar shows you that personas -- an “example” that represents each of the people who will influence the buying decision – can deliver the insight that drives three of the most critical success factors for any launch

  • Sales people will actively and accurately promote the new solution.
  • Marketing messages will be well differentiated and resonate with the target buyers.
  • Product management will not be overwhelmed by sales support requests.

Watch Guiding Your Product Launch with Buyer Personas

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Adele Revella

About the Presenters

Adele Revella has served in executive roles at three technology companies, guiding product management, marketing and sales teams to achieve leadership positions in untapped markets. Her market-driven approach was also heavily influenced by her tenure at Regis McKenna, Inc., the PR firm that defined technology marketing during the 80s, plus five years running her own market research and consulting firm at the end of that decade.Adele has a particular focus on buyer personas and writes the Buyer Persona blog.

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