The Transformational Power of the Market

By Paul Young January 07, 2015

Are you ready to break with the past and make becoming a market driven leader your new year’s resolution? If so, join Pragmatic Institute instructor Paul Young to explore how to conquer the status quo, become the voice of your market, and transform your company, your career and yourself.

In our first webinar of 2015 we will share:

  • The biggest obstacles to being market driven, and how to overcome them
  • Personal examples of how Pragmatic Institute techniques help our alumni connect with their markets and get significant results for their organizations
  • Illustrations of how becoming the “go-to” voice of the market propels people into positions of leadership, advances their careers, makes them more money and increases their scope of responsibility
  • The single biggest trap that people fall into when trying to become the voice of their market
  • How market success is not only building the right things, it’s killing off the wrong things

Paul Young

About the Presenters

Paul Young oversees the strategic development of Pragmatic Institute’s portfolio of products and leads the executive team in the evaluation of new product opportunities. He also manages the instructor team. Paul began his career as a software developer and has worked in startups and large companies across B2B and B2C industries, including telecommunications and networking, IT and professional services, consumer electronics and enterprise software. He has managed P&L lines for products with hundreds of millions in revenue, and faced difficult choices about which products in the portfolio to retain and which to kill. Reach him at

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