6 Ways Product Management's Role Will Change In 2018

PragmaticLive webinar 

The role of product management is undergoing a dramatic rethink. Success is shifting from measuring velocity and roadmap delivery to measuring how well a product performs, how much value it drives and the loyalty of its users. It’s an evolution from a quantitative approach (“How many things did you ship?”) to a broader, qualitative approach about how much value a product provides.

When you join our January 23 webinar at 2 p.m. EST, you will learn more about this evolution and why product teams that measure and document this value are consistently more successful.

Eric Boduch, chief evangelist at Pendo and Kirsten Butzow, Pragmatic Marketing instructor, will also discuss:

  •  How product teams have evolved in their roles
  • How companies leverage key themes to deliver exceptional product and customer experiences

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