BUILD: Create Remarkable Products

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Having a plan is not the same as having a product. Build teaches you to prioritize requirements and plan releases based on market facts. It shows how to provide an understanding of who the users are and what they’re trying to accomplish, so that product and development teams deliver products that win in the market.

Improve the handoff between departments. Clarify the lines so product management can focus on what needs to be built and development can focus on how to build it.

Build targeted solutions. Use context from the market—who you’re building for and what problems you’re solving—to create innovative products.

Prioritize based on impact. Focus on the products and features that will have the biggest impact in the market by ranking requirements objectively using market data.

Implement a universal approach. Use a consistent approach for all of your teams, regardless of location or methodology (Waterfall, Agile, hybrid, etc.).

Who is this course for? Individuals who write, prioritize, consume or dream about requirements and user stories.

What is the price? In the United States and Canada all individual public training courses are $1195. In the United Kingdom all individual public training courses are $1495. All prices include the certification exam. If you attend multiple courses during the same training event, you’ll receive a savings of more than 25 percent off the additional courses.

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What People Are Saying About Pragmatic Marketing

“The best training I have ever taken.”
Craig Letourneau, Manager of Product Delivery, Vistagy

"There were a lot of moments where I wanted to say Amen!"
Martin Lind, Product Development Director, Blackboard Connect

"This has changed my life at work. I have a new outlook and eager to get started."
Ryan Frere, Product Manager, Blackbaud 

"I've taken a few of the courses at Pragmatic Marketing and LOVED them! You gave me a framework that I could use to take back some of the power of my position at work... and in a few short years turned from the one who wasn't really sure, to the one who was considered the best of the group! I owe that all to the courses I took from Pragmatic Marketing!"
Sheila DeJoode, Product Manager, Retail Technology Solutions

"Excellent for new ways of looking at the tasks I have been performing for years."
George Harter, Product Development Manager

"This intensive session on product management and requirements started my team on the path from a motley collection of techies and marketing people to a real team of product management professionals."
Bruce McCarthy, Director Product Management, Dun & Bradstreet