PRICE: Optimize Profitability

Take the guesswork out of pricing. Price teaches you how to set the right price for each product in each market. You'll learn how to determine what your market is willing to pay and how to combine that with your corporate strategy to develop pricing that pays off. 

  • Create impactful pricing. Learn the key components of successfully pricing products throughout their life cycle.
  • Determine market value. Six simple steps to discovering what your markets are willing to pay.
  • Maximize your profit. Discover how pricing models, segmentation and product bundles simplify customer decisions and increase revenue.
  • Minimize discounting. Give sales the confidence to win at your price.
  • Who is this course for? No matter your title, if you make or influence product pricing decisions, this course is for you.

  • What is the price? Our public training courses are $1195 each and include the certification exam. If you attend multiple courses during the same event, each subsequent course is just $795, a 33% savings. So, purchase Foundations, which is a prerequisite, and Focus, where you’ll learn how to create the value that you will price, and save $800.

    Want more information about how to price your products?  Check out our free Pragmatic Live webinar.

Upcoming Courses

  • Mar 4 New York, NY
  • Apr 21 Portland, OR