PRICE: Optimize Profitability

Take the guesswork out of pricing. Price teaches you how to set the right price for each product in each market. You'll learn how to determine what your market is willing to pay and how to combine that with your corporate strategy to develop pricing that pays off. 

  • Create impactful pricing. Learn the key components of successfully pricing products throughout their life cycle.
  • Determine market value. Six simple steps to discovering what your markets are willing to pay.
  • Maximize your profit. Discover how pricing models, segmentation and product bundles simplify customer decisions and increase revenue.
  • Minimize discounting. Give sales the confidence to win at your price.

Who is this course for? No matter your title, if you make or influence product pricing decisions, this course is for you.

What are the prerequisites for Price? Foundations is a prerequisite for this course.

What is the price? All individual public training courses are $1195, except in the United Kingdom where they are $1495. All prices include the certification exam. North America and the U.K. offer second- and third-day discounts when you select multiple courses during the same public training event.

This was an excellent session that was beneficial to new and experienced product managers. Being new to product management, I have gained knowledge that I can literally use in a client meeting next week!
Kim Conaway
Product Management
CCH, A Wolters Kluwer Company
Fantastic course. Really appreciate the SYSTEMATIC approach to addressing the issues that companies run into when developing products.
Adam Long
Product Management
Praedicat, Inc.
Excellent, eye-opening, inspiring course. The best I've taken in a long time. Thank you!!
Renata Sprencz
Marketing Communications Manager
Point Grey
This course presented essential information in a practical and fast-paced format that will help me develop better solutions.
Steve Fetters
Product Manager
I want to take all the other courses! I'd even pay for them myself because they are so valuable. Before Pragmatic Marketing Foundations, my role as a product manager seemed like an endless battle uphill. After taking the course, the hill doesn't even exist anymore!
Paul Sokol
Product Management
Great material today and excellent relating to agile methods. I especially liked the group persona exercise and problem discovery.
Jason Coles
Product Management
Infojac Corporation
This course was a great intro to product management. I recently joined the product management team and this course gave me more focus than I previously had. Since this course gave me insights into how I can better perform in my role, I feel I should also attend the other courses in this program.
Toni Connelly
Product Management
This was an excellent course for me to take as I move from corporate marketing to product marketing. Now I will be speaking the same language and understand the same concepts as the rest of my team. Concepts were clear, everything ran very smoothly, and I feel ready to put these learnings into action. Thank you!
Jennifer Madison
Product Marketing
Marin Software
This has been an interesting and entertaining experience. The case studies were excellent. I also think this framework aligns well with the "design thinking" framework that UX is advocating, and I hope to see our company engage in more activities that put customer problems--and customer empathy--at the center of their thinking.
Clifford Hui
User Experience
Pragmatic Marketing is an extremely insightful training class that will provide a great framework by which to pursue product management activities.
Victor Brown
Product Marketing Manager
BPL Global
This was the best professional training that I've attended. It was highly relevant to many things that I've been dealing with for the past 12 months. I wish I took it a long time ago. It was also very relevant to have engineering, product management, and our company CTO attend.
Brian Kelly
Product Marketing
Duo Security
While I have heard many of the general ideas before from more experienced product managers, I love hearing it clearly laid out step by step. I always leave a course excited to take back the tools and methodologies to my company! Thank you. If I can't get my company to pay for the remaining courses, I intend to pay for them myself.
Carolyn Ripley
Product Management
Great synthesis of information that really helps drive a marketing organization. Some is obvious and some is not, but it's all needed for success.
Erik Swett
Product Marketing
Riverbed Technology
Thanks for a great session - Can't wait to launch a blog on the diary of adopting Pragmatic training!
Catherine Pendleton
Head of Data
Can't say enough about how incredible Pragmatic Marketing is: the staff, the mission, everything. The framework is crucial for any organization's success. Thank you.
Eric Bader
Product Management
Extremely helpful. I learned a great deal about how we can improve our marketing strategy. I look forward to digging deeper into our planning to figure out how we can include more techniques we discussed during our class.
Ariana Patterson
Product Marketing
Interesting, compelling and really valuable information. Thank you!
Brooke Furry
Polished and efficient. Good mixture of case studies, material and presentation skills. I appreciated having a paper version of the presentation. I like to take notes on everything and this made it possible to document everything I wanted to, even at the brisk pace (appropriate) of the lecture.
Gavin Andrews
Product Management
G2 Web Services
Excellent class. I recently became a product manager and have learned more in this one-day course than I learned with six months on the job.
Christopher Gonyea
Product Management
Three excellent days of training. You have helped me identify how I can present my ideas and tactics in a much more effective and simple way that is easy for anyone outside the product team to understand.
Ian Hermon
Product Marketing
I have NEVER been able to sit through trainings like this. Thank you for being such an engaging AND clear presenter. The combination is rare in my experience.
Jesse Robinson
Excellent course. Loved the examples and real-world discussion. Having a discussion related to our company was extremely valuable as well.
Gordon Decker
Product Management
Relias Learning
The instructor was one of the best I have come across. Great story telling. I was engaged all through the day.
Darren Lam
Product Management
I've been in marketing for 12 years; this offers the best framework that I've seen for synthesizing ideas and market opportunities into something actionable.
Joe Kroog
Product Marketing Manager
This instructor rocks! His ability to infuse each day with his passion and quick wit made this three-day commitment worthwhile. The information was delivered with clarify and conviction, which has me stoked about returning to the office tomorrow.
Shawn Vann
Product Management
Exteria Building Products
I’ve been in my role as a product manager for three years and am amazed at how much I learned here in two days. The time was positively crammed with good, useable information.
Jenny McCarthy
Product Manager
Wolters Kluwer
Excellent, eye-opening, inspiring course. The best I've taken in a long time. Thank you!!
Renata Sprencz
Point Grey
Very helpful foundational information that has exposed many areas in which I need to make important changes to be more effective.
Blair Janis
Product Management
WealthCounsel, LLC
EXTREMELY beneficial class. I recently stepped into a product management role, as opposed to the professional services team, and this greatly helps align the goal of my role at the company.
Savannah Palmer
Product Management
Greenway Health
I have arranged for multiple team members to attend the course already. I took this course six years ago and came back for a refresher. Still excellent!
Anu Sood
CaseWare Analytics
This is just great insight. It validates some of the things I was pursuing, but also opens the possibilities of how to get more detailed and precise.
Arvind Venugopal
Product Management
Great course. I am much smarter after this course and have the skills to add value I didn't know I could.
Alex Cook
Investment Planning
I've taken a few of the courses at Pragmatic Marketing and LOVED them! You gave me a framework that I could use to take back some of the power of my position at work. In a few short years, I turned from the one who wasn't really sure into the one who was considered the best of the group. I owe that all to the courses I took from Pragmatic Marketing.
Sheila DeJoode
Product Manager
Retail Technology Solutions
I am so impressed with this course. The content was compelling and often hit too close to home in terms of how my organization approaches the product launch process today. Not only do I hope to immediately apply what I've learned, I plan to develop a business case for taking additional classes. Thanks so much!
Erica Kritsberg
Product Marketing
Absolutely amazing course. I am a subject matter expert and have found it difficult to quantify market problems. This course provided the exact tools I need to make me and my company successful.
David Gilbey
Aquatic Informatics
I found the topics interesting and the examples practical and relevant. The instructor was very good at engaging the audience, keeping on time and teaching to the different personas in the room (e.g. product managers, business analyst, etc.). The keepers idea was brilliant. I will definitely refer back to these.
Sue Ann Gorassi
Product Management
Wolters Kluwer
I highly recommend the Pragmatic Marketing team as probably one of the best resources for product managers and marketers available today. Great program if you have a chance to participate in one of their courses, but also a lot of great information on how to do pretty much anything that's important to build, launch and market products (and services) successfully. Their strategic and tactical framework is one of the best 'crutches' available.
Max Leisten
Product Manager/Marketer
Great interactive dialogue and discussion. Group exercise was awesome. Definitely drove home a different way of defining requirements. Fantastic sessions. Can't thank you enough for an amazing three days; transformation is coming. Super excited for our future!
Suzanne LaProva
Product Management
Pragmatic Marketing training helped us to better understand the roles and responsibilities between product management, product marketing and engineering.
Kevin Klein
As a newbie to marketing, I felt I learned a lot and was able to keep up with the concepts better than I originally anticipated. This is a direct reflection on both the content and delivery. Thank you!
Amber Austin
Product Management
Cybersoft PrimeroEdge
This was very helpful and many light bulbs went off today. I especially liked the information around roadmaps and release plans.
Bill Bequette
Product Management
When I took the courses a few years back, I was still relatively new and unsure if I would be able to handle this type of job. That course provided many great tools that I applied. Sitting here in Build, I not only know it was wise to stick it out, but I see myself described on many of the concepts here as a "best practice," while continueing to learn new things. See you in three weeks for two more courses.
George Thomann
Product Management
Broadridge Financial Solutions
Loved, loved this offering. As a business analyst, it will further refine my methods for working with our engineering team. The fact that the leaders of the engineering team also took the course should lead to even more collaboration.
Letitia Shotlow Stellern
Product Management
Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience. This course was very useful and informative for someone like me, in my profession, with my skill-set level. Will definitely be suggesting these courses to colleagues.
Oren Falkovitz
Product Marketing
Jonas Construction Software
Pragmatic Marketing provides the lingua franca of business that is focused on the market. Without it, we will always be in danger of duplicating effort, missing vital steps of forgetting the customer.
Peter Dorrington
Head of Industry Marketing Strategy
SAS UK & Ireland
Very engaging and enlightening. And this was my third time taking Pragmatic Marketing training! (Though it's been 12 years since the last time.)
Penney Farris
Demand Gen
Excellent. Answered many questions about prioritization and process that will help me change my career.
Valeri Gungor
Fiserv, Inc.
I am amazed by how much I have learned in this course. I've been able to identify the top three things that will help me do my job differently, and make more of a positive impact on the company. I would definitely tell others about this course.
Tom Spillman
Product Management
Spillman Technologies
My instructor was awesome. He's extremely intelligent, well spoken and obviously has a ton of experience with product management and marketing. I'm very impressed with the caliber of instructor standards that you have. I would definitely take another course again.
Sherry Shirah
Sr. Director
Adoption of these strategies will improve our organization immensely. Can't wait to get started!!
Lisa Fruhling
Software Design Manager
Timely, succinct, practical, applicable and entertaining, truly inspirational. I caught a vision of a position that I can truly enjoy and it is much broader than I expected.
Rusty Lindquist
Product Manager
a la mode, inc.
I LOVED these courses and will seek funding for additional training in the new fiscal year. THANK YOU!
Marc Cormier
Product Management
Awesome sessions. Couldn't have asked for more in an instructor. Thrilled to have the opportunity to take part. Thank you!
Maria Coyle
Product Management
ChipRewards, Inc.
My instructor was great! He was very engaging and presented the material in a way that kept my attention through the day. It definitely wasn't a class that made the day drag on, but rather one I got a lot of value out of.
Dean Meacham, Jr.
Product Management
I highly recommend this training to anyone who is in product management or product marketing.
Tabita Green
VP Product Management
Excellent course and a must for executives who could use a better understanding of product management's role in an organization!
Allan Yogasingam
Product Management
It's too easy to be sucked into the vortex of day-to-day tactical and never implement the things you believe will improve the business. This is your wake-up call and practical toolkit and roadmap to guide and empower your efforts.
Bill Levine
Director Electronic Products
Advanstar Communications
Fantastic trainer and really engaging and relevant subject matter. Only completed day one course so far, but extremely impressed and excited to see what's next.
Clinton Perry
Product Marketing
Once again, fantastic material and fantastic instructor. Now I just need to go back to Palo Alto, lower my shoulder, and force my company to implement what is supposed to be a standard.
Jay Marshall
Product Marketing
Indeed the best professional training I've EVER attended. I will use every bit of what I've learned here. Thank you!
Joe Berkman
Product Management
I was worried that the materials and discussion would not be entirely relevant to my job. I was wrong.
Bernard Burns
Product Management
Sila SG
The best training I have ever taken.
Craig Letourneau
Manager of Product Delivery
This intensive session on product management and requirements started my team on the path from a motley collection of techies and marketing people to a real team of product management professionals.
Bruce McCarthy
Director Product Management
Dun & Bradstreet
I wish I had these courses 20 years ago. I did much of this naturally via trial and error as well as self-education, but this clearly lays out a guideline as to how to get it done in an effective manner. Worth every penny our company spent.
Bart Brassil
Product Management
This is the second time I've taken a Pragmatic training course. The first time was in 2005. The course feels fresh and updated. Even though I am an experienced product manager, I find the perspective from Pragmatic to be very valuable.
Saul Marcus
Product Management
Harvard Business Publishing
The most practical training session I have ever attended. The book will be on my desk, rather than on a bookshelf gathering dust.
Kate Kuhrt
Thomson Reuters
This has changed my life at work. I have a new outlook and am eager to get started.
Ryan Frere
Product Manager
Great course. Cements a lot of tribal learning acquired over the years. Hopefully it will improve processes at my company, but will help me regardless.
Christopher Mallardi
Product Management
Thank you for bringing perspective and a framework to product management. I finally have some organized expectations that I can define and use to organize my day.
Leslie Vaillancourt
Program Manager
If you have not been to a Pragmatic Marketing training yet, you should wonder how you can possibly be effective as a product manager. They are the best in the business.
Keith Howe
Nihito Technologies
The class demonstrates why all companies need to focus on market problems and how everyone within the organization should work together on the messaging.
Kirk Reul
Product Management
Health Integrated
Great training and several real-world examples that are both practical and effective in dealing with common issues that arise within my environment.
Robert Bowman
Product Management
HigherGround, Inc.
This was a great class. I want to send my engineering leadership to take this course. This would also be a great on-site training for smaller companies. Much much appreciated. Looking forward to taking the pricing course next time it's in LA. Thank you!
Rebecca Lerner
Product Management
A great training! As someone who is new to this industry I found some of the information presented to be invaluable.
Adam Hodz
Product Management
FIS Global
Thank you for the class! I was worried I'd be sitting and listening to someone talk about things that didn't apply to me, but I'm happy to take this information back to my company and apply what I learned right away.
Hannah Robus
Product Management
Sapling Learning
If only I had received this training when I joined product management, it would have helped me be more efficient. An eye-opener on what product management should be.
Sobia Shaul Hameed
Product Management
IBM Cognos
Truly brilliant course with an excellent trainer. I couldn't ask for any more.
Tom Hazeldine
Product Management
My team already follows the Pragmatic Marketing Framework, but this course has filled in a lot of blanks for me and answered why we do it. It's also helped identify my weakness and will help me reprioritize what I do. Thanks!
Evelyn Watts
Product Marketing
Dell Software
The courses were great. I was able to redo a significant document for changes to our product using approaches that I learned in class. Not only was it extremely well received, I ended up with a promotion. The other product manager for my product now reports to me and I have picked up the entire product line.
Mark Jogan
Product Manager
Super training, very high quality. I feel like I can easily articulate what I learned, and look forward to implementing these ideas in my work. I have been with my current company for seven years and haven't felt jazzed up about my job in ages; now I can't wait to get in there on Monday. The casual format is really condusive to learning as the dialogs, questions and conversations were full of value. Loved it!
Christa Vickers
Product Management
Vision Critical
Pragmatic Marketing has quickly become one of my favorite resources.
Josh Wigginton
Product Manager
InterOp Technologies, Inc.
Absolutely fantastic and thought provoking.
John Arnsdorf
Product Marketing
This is by far the most beneficial of the courses in my opinion. I felt it was an area I haven't gotten any exposure to in my career, and now I am going to look pretty good in some upcoming strategy meetings when I start rattling off this information and providing data (given we get through our acquisition woes). Thank you very much!
George Thomann
Product Management
Broadridge Advisor Solutions
As someone new to this role, I wondered where my foundation would come from. Now I have it!
Tracy Bowman
Principle Product Manager
The new series of seminars is highly effective. I've taken the predecessor seminars and have to say the flow, content and value is much more. If you're a product team professional a haven't taken Pragmatic's courses in a few years, you have to. It's now a must.
Jim Holland
Product Management